Alta resistência a pressão e pulso e longa vida útil, a mangueira hidráulica espiral de fio de aço Letone atende totalmente às necessidades de usuários de mangueiras de ponta, como fabricantes de máquinas e equipamentos pesados. A mangueira hidráulica Letone é garantida para uso na construção, mineração, agricultura, petróleo & gás e outras indústrias com alto desempenho.

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2. API 7K/8A/8C Tubular Handling Tools - Power/Manual Tongs, Elevators, Links, Slips, Spider Elevators (style BJ/Varco) 3. API 6A Wellhead equipment and X''''mas tree, Gate Valves, Mud Valves etc. 4. API 16C Choke and Kill Manifolds ,Drilling hose, Rotary 5.

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15/8/2015· With thread protectors from MM Industries, you can rest assured that our thread protectors will withstand the test of time and provide the protection you need. 7″ and 7 5/8 H90: M.T. PROTECTORS: 1″ thru 1 1/2″ Choke and Kill, Hydraulic Line, Booster Lines: Aker Solutions 21″

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New Black Gold 10k Choke and Kill Hose Designed to Rigorous API … 2019/2/27· The Black Gold 10k Choke and Kill Hose Demonstrates Product Innovation in Oil and Gas Industry Denver, Feb. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Gates (NYSE: GTES), a leading global provider of appliion-specific fluid power and power transmission solutions, introduces a new addition to its portfolio …


Casing Head - DEENPU MACHINERY. Designed and manufactured according to API spec 6A. Accepts a wide variety of slip and mandrel casing hangers. Three different types of outlets: Line pipe, Flanged (Studded) Extended flanged outlets. Multiple bottom connections, such as: Slip-on weld, Slip-on weld with O-ring, Threaded and Sure Lock.

Hydraulic BOP Control Hose (Flameshield 5000)

Flameshield hose is clearly recognisable with the outer red cover. Flameshield hoses have been fire tested under severe test conditions in accordance with the industries most stringent requirements. Flameshield 5000 API 16D at 700oC for 5 mins. Flameshield 5000 is a hydraulic control hose that operates at 5,000psi whilst exposed directly to

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Choke & Kill Hose (S Chain), Mud Boost Hose (S Chain) 7 Packages (6 Crates, 1 Case) Dim 3270 X940 X3200 Mm 3270 X540 X3200 Mm 5390 X500 X5000 Mm 2870 X940 X2800 Mm Htn No 4009420090 No 4500281899 Cbc358984 5, 4500294500, 4500286750

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Float valve sub is an important tool in petroleum exploration and drilling engineering. The float valve sub is connected at upper part of drill bit. The float valve sub is near the bit connecting thread. The float valve sub can also be used at different necessary position of drill string when required. The main appliion is, when connected

API drill pipe float valve sub

API drill pipe float valve sub is an important tool in petroleum exploration and drilling engineering. The float valve sub is connected at upper part of drill bit, the float valve assely in sub is near the bit connecting thread and the float valve sub also can be necessary position of drill string. The main appliion is,when connect with

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Data Header is high pressure assely for collection of data wellbore production parameters, such as pressure, temperature, sand condition,usually installed before or after the Choke Manifold. +86-379-60867981

VARCO/BJ Type Hanlding tool HT35 Manual Tong For Drill

VigorPetro''s HT35 Manual Tong is used for Drill Pipe rang from 7" to 10-3/4”, the torqure raiting rang is from 12,000 ft.lbs to 32,000 ft.lbs which based on different lug jaw asselies as the below DATA SHEET: ♦ HT35 Mnaual tong with Long …

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7.5 -20.5: api 2-7/8reg: api 2-7/8reg: 102: 200-500: 10.5-30: api 3-1/2reg: api 3-1/2reg: 114: 200-500: 12-35: api 3-1/2reg: api 3-1/2reg: 127: 200-500: 14-41: api 3-1/2reg: api 3-1/2reg: 133: 200-500: 16-48: api 4-1/2reg: api 4-1/2reg: 140: 200-500: 18-51: api 5-1/2reg: api 5-1/2reg: 152: 200-500: 20-60: api 6-5/8reg: api 6-5/8reg: 178: 200

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Multi-Oil Blue Composite Hose. Multi-Oil Blue hoses are designed for conveying Hydrocarbons, Solvents, 100% Aromatics and many. other products. Multi-Oil Blue hoses can be supplied in 3 pressure ratings and 4 types. Light duty. with a 7 bar maximum working pressure, mostly used for tanktruck and railcar appliions.

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431.8 (17) Drill Pipe Float Valve is one of the necessary tools for oil drilling, it consists of float valve sub and float valve, The main function is to prevent drill cuttings come into mud when connecting each joint and the bit bore block caused by backflow of silt. When the well blowout or kick, the valve cover of float valve turn off the

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Fig 50. Orange Nut – Orange Subs. These low pressure and suction union of Fig-50 are made from carbon steel. The nut and O-ring are common in both sizes. Available in 4″ or 5″ sizes in threaded & socket welded connection. These union s are suitable for 500 PSI wp. Nominal pipe size. Total length. Nut radius.

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Choke and Kill Lines; BOP Control Hoses; Union FIG100 FIG206 FIG400; Union FIG602 FIG1002 FIG1502; - Offer 4" hose connector conforms to API spec. - Swivels conform to API Spec 8A and are granted to use API monogram. SWIVEL PARAMETER LIST. Model:

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sae 100 r2at 2sn api choke kill hose for petroleum; sae 100 r2at 2sn api choke kill hose for petroleum. api bop control hoses in ireland . 8) within a single sheath 18 for operating a BOP at the The control pod hose itself is a multiplex hose in which many hydraulic r. duane ireland Base of the pyramid (BOP) markets, which are often physically loed or 70%of the worlds population, …

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The flexible choke & kill hose can be used for flexible connection between the riser and manifold. It is applicable as connection part when drill platform, semi-submersible drilling vessel or drilling vessel moves relatively and for adjustment of the inst

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•The Choke & Kill Hose has passed the USA Southwest Research Institute Test. •stainless steel 316L used as armored jacket. Factory Workshop: • SEJIN MACHINE from Korea. Suspension difference70 MM, and the international standa rd is 120 MM. • …

PRO 5.2, PRO 5.2 E, PRO 7.5, PRO 7.5 E Generator Owner''s

Using a generator indoors CAN KILL YOU IN MINUTES. Generator exhaust contains carbon monoxide. Section mm 2 AWG mm 2 AWG mm 2 AWG Length of Cable Used 0 to 50 m 4106 910 7 51 to 100 m 10 7 10 7 25 3 101 to 150 m1 10 7 16 5 35 2 PRO 7.5 / …

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16mm x 25mm api choke kill hose Kualitas Pohon Natal Wellhead & Wellhead Casing Head API 16D Wellhead BOP Control Unit Hose Untuk Mengontrol Oil Well BOP 25mm; 2000psi Tubing Head Spool Model A7 7 "8RD X 2 7/8" EU Dengan Tubing Hanger; Baja Paduan WECO Union Wellhead Adaptor Flange 4-1 / 16 "10M FE X 3" 1502; 4 1/16 "Logam Ke Katup Gerbang …

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Jiangsu Oruid Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. is dedied to produce reliable oil/gas equipment for more than 15 years. Our main products are oil drilling equipment and accessories (including valves, wellhead and Christmas tree equipment, downhole tools, choke and kill manifolds, cementing and fracturing equipment, fracturing systems, etc.) and design, machining and …

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API Std 53 - Blowout Prevention Equipment Systems for Drilling … 2015/8/12· Keep in mind that API 16D is the specifiion for control systems; do not confuse the requirements of API 16D with those of API 16C (choke and kill systems). Additionally, Section applies only to surface BOP’s. The intent in API 53 is to provide a


Constr. Dash mm in mm in Mpa psi Mpa psi mm in kg/m lb/ft -56 90 3 1/2 138,7 5,46 D 35 5000 70 10000 86 12500 1400 55,1 21,79 14,62 CHOKE & KILL API 16-C Fire Resistant Tube: Oil and drilling mud resistant synthetic rubber …

Travelling Block and Hook

Travelling Block and Hook. Traveling block and hook is one of the lifting equipments for petroleum drilling rig and workover rig with the integral design, which can shorten the length between traveling block and hook, perfectly meeting the traveling space for lifting system. The traveling block and hook is made in accordance with Spec 8C PSL1

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Product Choke & Kill Hose 2IN 3.7 Meters Quantity 2 Units Type 2IN FIg. 1502 Model Temp B Size 2 Inches Length 3.7 Meters. Details Work pressure: 10000 psi Test pressure: 15000 psi Connection : end a: 2in fig 1502, Butt welded,male nut - sour End b: 2in fig 1502, Integral, - sour Additional info: Standard : api spec 16c - monogrammed

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API ® Monogram® teeth (see Figure 7) shall be 1353 mm (53 1/4 in.) for machines that will pass a 510 mm (20 in.) Sizes and Dimensions Mud-pump valve pots shall be furnished in the sizes and dimensions given in Table 14 and Figure 21, or as specified on the purchase order. API valve pots for caged valves shall provide a

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Texas Custom Made Oilfield Hose - Choke and Kill Hose, … Texas based choke & kill hose,rotary hose, b.o.p. hose, hydraulic hose, pit liners and Reconditioned Pressure Control Equipment Oilfield Hose Plant facilities employees 35 people with a current footage of 25,000 square feet and a projected enlargement with an additional 35,000 sq ft., making this plant a …

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Jiangsu Oruid Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. is dedied to produce reliable oil/gas equipment for more than 15 years. Our main products are oil drilling equipment and accessories (including valves, wellhead and Christmas tree equipment, downhole tools, choke and kill manifolds, cementing and fracturing equipment, fracturing systems, etc.) and design, machining and …

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EIL Accredited Hammer Union manufacturer in India. View Stock and Price list of API Hammer Union. We are Manufacturer of Hammer Seal Union according to API RP-14E & NACE MR0175 Standards. Fig 50 Union 500 PSI CWP. Air, water, oil, or gas service up to 500 PSI NSCWP is recommended. API line pipe is threaded on standard subs.


Land String & Drill String: Reamer, Stabilizer (Integral Blade Stabilizer, Replacement Sleeve Stabilizer, Non-Rotating Stabilizer, Float Valve Stabilizer, Spherical Stabilizer, Square Kelly & Hexagonal Kelly, Hole Opener.